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Always a good lunch followed by a fascinating talk


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Meet the Members


Howard Davies joined Woodbridge Probus Club in 2008.

He has been a committee member for about seven years. He enjoys meeting members who have had had different occupations, and also

the guest speakers. His main leisure interests are Music and Literature.

He was a teacher and head-teacher for forty years.

Phil Owen joined Woodbridge Probus Club in 2000. He has been a committee member, vice chairman in 2005 and chairman in 2006 when the club’s 30th anniversary was celebrated. He instigated the club’s move to Waldringfield Golf Club and organised it’s outings until 2016. He enjoys meeting like-minded people at the club. Apart from Army service Phil’s whole career has been in agriculture. He enjoys gardening, and current affairs and all music especially big bands and military bands.

Erik Crichton joined Woodbridge Probus Club in January 2018. He likes the club because it has a very interesting membership and offers the chance of wide and varied conversations across a broad spectrum. He especially looks forward to attending the lunches and events throughout the year. One of his main interests is military history and medal collecting. He joined the Army at fifteen, served for nine years and then eventually became a fire-fighter in the London Fire Brigade for 27 years until his retirement.

Tom Zabel joined Woodbridge Probus Club in 2008. Tom served on the committee for two years as publicity officer. In 2018 he became the club’s vice chairman. He especially likes the opportunity to meet a variety of very accomplished and interesting people. He particularly likes the random number seating system at the lunches which ensures he meets and associates with a wide variety of the membership. He is interested in sailing which may be of interest to new or existing members. Prior to retiring he worked in the US Air Force and US Civil Service.